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Revolutionize your healthcare efficiency. HTG Urogram® digitally measures urine output, saving nurses an hour every day.

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HTG Urogram® is a battery powered, easy to use IoT device that measures urine output, calculates relevant metrics and securely sends data to your hospital.

Ease of Use

Designed for effortless use, it requires minimal training, allowing healthcare professionals to adapt quickly and focus on what's important - patient care.

Autonomous Functionality

Once set up, HTG Urogram operates autonomously, efficiently monitoring without the need for constant manual intervention.

Reliability and Data Accuracy

Development involved intensive hospital testing and real-world data gathering for maximum reliability and accuracy.

Seamless Integration

Utilize our web app to access data or effortlessly integrate it into your existing hospital systems and workflows.

Compatibility and Convenience

Our device is compatible with standard urine bags, eliminating the need to switch suppliers.

Professional Validation

Developed in collaboration with medical professionals, HTG Urogram is born from real-world challenges.

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Our medical experts

HTG Urogram® has been extensively validated by healthcare experts throughout its development, ensuring reliability and effectiveness.