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HTG medical - innovating in medtech to make the world a better place

Our story

Inspired by a shared passion for impactful innovation, HTG medical emerged in 2021 through the collaboration of three visionary friends.

Our journey began two years prior when fate brought us together at a hackathon in 2019. Our collective purpose to use technology to help save lives and unburden nurses came to be during a hackathon Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) in Prague.

Bound by a common aspiration to create technology that transcends boundaries and serves humanity's well-being, we embarked on a mission to make a difference. Evidently, the healthcare sector held the key to realizing our vision.

With unwavering determination, we set out to develop our inaugural innovation, the groundbreaking HTG Urogram®, thus giving birth to HTG medical s.r.o.


The core team

Aleksandar Ristić
HW engineer

Patrik Svoboda
SW engineer

Tomáš Studeník
Angel investor & Advisor

MUDr. Michal Konstacky
Chief Medical Oficer

Marek Šramko, Ph.D.
Medical consultant

Petr Raška, MHA
Medical consultant

Where to find us

Contact us

Tobiáš Vybíral
+420 774 571 882

Office address

Preslova 25
150 00, Prague 5

Billing address

HTG medical s.r.o.
Nikoly Tesly 1423/5
160 00, Praha 6

CIN: 17759447